Safety Tips

Who to Provide Vehicle for Hire Safely

Know all the details about received message.

Verify all the details & information about person which send message to you by mobile phone, email id, deals form etc.

Complete all verification related to that address where you provide there vehicle for Hire.

Clear all the issue related to Hire price, person address or integrity which send message to you

Always alert from fake order.

Who to Hire Vehicle Safely

First know all the details about vehicle which you Hire then you send there message by contact number, email id and message form only, for safety.

You can verify vehicle integrity by contact number, email id and massage. After verification you can send there message.

Clear all the issue related to Hire price, vehicle details or integrity which you send message.

Always alert for fake vehicle details.

Who to Communication Safely

You can communicate one another by contact number, email id, massage form only which show on website.

Check integrity one another.

Verify address and any details one another

Verify vehicle details, price, distance and duration with communication.

You can Hire vehicles there nearest place so you can know any address easily.

Who to Use Account Safely

Do not share your user id or password.

Change your password time to time.

Make password difficult like password have capital latter, small latter, number and special character.

Password does not save on public computer browser.

When you are work on public computer then after use your account, please check logout.

Basic Safety

For any safety related query contact our help Email Id