Trems of Uses


Travelyatry creates terms & conditions for use of this website. These terms & conditions are agreement between user and Travelyatry. Travelyatry reserves the right over these terms & conditions. Travelyatry reserves the right for change or modifies these terms & conditions time to time without any information. User can access this website according to our terms & conditions on there electronic device. First user must have to read our terms & conditions after satisfaction they can access this website if user are not agree with terms & conditions please do not use our website.

Using Travelyatry

Travelyatry is an electronic platform for the purpose of advertising or distributing information to ranted business or vehicles. User get details of flights, hotels, buses, trains, holiday packages, taxi hire and rantel vehicles i.e. car, bus, truck and bike on this website. Users can use Travelyatry safely. If you are a registered user then you can login by using your user id or password safely. Travelyatry does not responsible for misuse of your user id or password. You are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of your user id, password, email id, address, or restricting activates to your computer. You are responsible for your computer system, electronic device, network if you use this website on any electronic device by registration or without registration. If you are not pertain to any goods or service or you are not lawful owner to any goods or service then you are not authorize of any change, modify or unvented activity related to these goods or service. You are not authorize for infringe any trade secrete, intellectual property right and privacy or publicity rights of any third party. You are not authorize for distributing virus or any technology that harm for Travelyatry or Travelyatry users. You are not authorize for placed in an incorrect area or wrong category of website. You can inform us for misuse or abuse our/your data, Information, policy, intellectual property right, other property rights or other service on our email id [email protected] You should have to use our all service in safe manner otherwise Travelyatry terminates relation from you. If you are agree then use this website. When you are not agree then do not use Travelyatry.


This website is user friendly & users can use this website that is eligible to our term & conditions. If you are below eighteen year then you are not allow to access our website without parent permission & above eighteen year people can access & use this website at own risk. If you are a registered user then you will be responsible for posting your information & condition according to cyber low.


Travelyatry does not liable for any damage, loss of money and any fault. Travelyatry show vehicles or vehicles owner’s details entered by owner so Travelyatry hold the liable without limitation related to showing information. For your best knowledge let us tell one thing that Travelyatry does not liable for posting information enter by another user and not liable for any external link. Travelyatry does not have control over the content quality, integrity, accuracy so Travelyatry does not liable for any way. Our officer, employees or agents be liable for any misuse, illegal activity of user data when they are responsible for these activists, Travelyatry do not have any role creation, distribution or publication of user data. If you are agree then use this website.

Personal Detail

Travelyatry has all the right to use your present details provide by you. If your personal details or information provide by you is found untrue, inaccurate, incomplete then Travelyatry has full right to terminate relation to you and delete your any information or contact details without any information from the website. Travelyatry will use your personal details only for information, marketing & recruit service & will not be responsible for any misuse. Travelyatry never show your personal details like credit/debit card number or bank account number. You are agree that Travelyatry collect, transfer, store and limited use of any personal information provide by you on the website. You will be responsible for the detail provide by you for the registration. .

General Information

This is agreement between user and Travelyatry related to general information of website. Travelyatry only shows user information on website. User can communicate one another only by email, phone calls and online form. Users can book all types of vehicle on rent by email, phone calls or online form. You are use any types of electronic device for use website that it is safe according to cyber low. If you are verified mobile user that we have add your number in our mailing list. Travelyatry not pays you for any submission. We can change or use your details for promotion of our website. You are liable of any complain or error related to all information given by you. Travelyatry does not responsible for any technical error or faults during use this website. Travelyatry, our officer, employees or agents dose not have any control over any guaranty, warranty, quality, integrity, accuracy etc. on website content, text and image related to vehicle, user details and third party. Travelyatry not provides any type guaranty, warranty, integrity and quality of any goods or service. You are agree that do not copy, modify and distribute website content or information, Travelyatry have copyright of this website. If you are agree then use this website. .

Fee & Rent

Travelyatry user use this website totally free but registered user do not use free. They are pay fee according to our schemes plan. Different service has different charges. If you are agree then use our paid service.

• Travelyatry user can use this website free once they had pay for business or vehicles submission on website. This fee for business or vehicles submission is not refundable anyway. Different services have different charge according to our schemes plan.

• Travelyatry have the right to change the amount of vehicle submission fee time to time without information & is not responsible for the rent or price of any vehicle details enter by vehicle owner.

• You can directly communication to user for any discount on rent or any type of complaint rented to delivery of vehicle within time limit by user contact number or email id show on website.

Legal Compliance & Governing low

You shall agree with all the rules & regulation introduced in domestic & international trade which are governed by any authority of India & changes made by Travelyatry in term & condition or any amendment in existing rules introduced by government/any authority of India, time to time.

Third Party Service

Travelyatry reserves the right to display your ads or information on our partner website and use your any information for marketing or affiliate service.

• Travelyatry has all the right to display your ads & information on partner website link for marketing or affiliated service & vice versa.

• Travelyatry does not responsible for any type of virus or unvented activates related to third party & user will be responsible to use third party link, contact & service at own risk For any information contact us on our help Email Id: [email protected]